Teri Almquist Bikram Yoga Class + Series Q&A

Sunday, June 2

4:30pm Class, 6:30pm Q&A

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Bikram Yoga Class + Series Q&A

Teri Almquist Bikram Yoga Class + Series Q&A 

Sunday, June 2, 4:30pm Class
6:30pm Q&A

Teri Almquist has been teaching Bikram Yoga since 2005 and she is one of the most respected teachers in our community. Teachers and students from all over the world consult Teri for her expertise in healing injured bodies through Bikram Yoga. 

This workshop includes a full Bikram Yoga Class and a Bikram Yoga Philosophy discussion where you can ask questions, learn more about the series, and receive feedback on your postures. All students are encouraged to attend. Special emphasis for injured bodies.


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