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Increased Energy & Joy 

Jeanette Arcos

Jeanette Arcos

I have been coming to Bikram for three years now and just completed my first challenge. I never thought I could find the time to do five classes a week, but I did. I was motivated by the changes I experienced. I have gained physical strength and have come closer to attaining a balance between strength and flexibility. I experienced increased energy and an increased sense of joy. I also found myself choosing healthier food options along with having a greater sense of control over how much I ate. I have received comments that I am looking younger, and that feels awesome given that I am turning 40 soon. I feel younger. I lost a few pounds and feel much stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually. I now know that I can find the time to practice consistently, and my body craves it.

Experiencing true physical power 


Ginny Fate

As a flight attendant for over 30 years, I always thought the physical demands of my job were enough to satisfy my exercise needs. I know now that’s not the case! Practicing Bikram Yoga for the past eight years, I have more energy, I can move better, I have more flexibility, and I love feeling the strength I’m creating in my body. My body truly feels wonderful and it has been so awesome to experience this evolution of physical power!

Calm, Relaxed and Refreshed

Susan Birmingham

Susan Birmingham

Imagine feeling calm, relaxed, and refreshed all at the same time. That is why I LOVE Bikram Yoga. I have tried many forms of exercise throughout my lifetime and Bikram Yoga is my very, very favorite! I am about to turn 65, my height is 5’8″, and I have not shrunk. Also, I manage to keep my weight around 150 pounds. All of this I attribute to my regular Bikram Yoga workouts. Treat yourself to Bikram Yoga. It will change your life!

Healing others the way Yoga has healed him


Jesse Gonzalez

Jesse is a San Gabriel Valley native who graduated from the California School of Culinary Arts, Le Cordon Bleu, in 2004. A strong passion for food and cakes, he traveled all over the United States and trained with some of the best and most celebrated chefs in the country, ultimately landing a job as Executive Pastry in Lake Tahoe, California.

Long hours in a hot kitchen and long nights behind a computer are stressful on any person, regardless of age. At 23 years old, Jesse felt like a man well into his 50s: bad knees, bad back, excess weight, and arthritis in a shoulder that made his passion for creating cakes very challenging and sometimes impossible. It was in Lake Tahoe, in 2008, that Jesse started doing Bikram Yoga. After about a month, the long hours flew by, the weight melted like warm butter, the cakes became easier to create, and it felt good to be young: Jesse knew he had found the recipe for life. A short time later, Jesse moved back to his home in Rosemead, California, continued his practice, competed in the 2009 Southern California Yoga Asana Competition, and in 2011, his dream to become a Bikram teacher came true. After spending many years getting people fat and sick from his sinfully-delicious and award-winning confections, Jesse now enjoys healing people the way yoga healed him: breath by breath.

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